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Nonprofits, Food System, Food, Food Business, Food Education
P.O. Box 425088
Cambridge, MA 02142
Chefs Collaborative is a national nonprofit network with a mission to inspire, educate, and celebrate chefs and food professionals building a better food system.... Read more >

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Food Innovation, Food, Food Business, Food Education
The Lewis Institute & Babson Social Innovation Lab
231 Forest Street
Babson Park, MA 02457
Food Sol: An action tank for food Entrepreneurship of All Kinds. Food is everybody's business. We believe that eaters and food entrepreneurs together can change the world. Our action tank is a place for them to gather, think through their ... Read more >

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Nonprofits, Food Agriculture & Nutrition Nonprofits, Food, Food Safety, Youth Nonprofits
PO Box 3284
Boulder, CO 80307
The mission of the AllergyKids Foundation is to restore the health of our children and the integrity of our food supply. Our goal is simple and straightforward: we want to protect the American children from the additives now found in our f... Read more >


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