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Plant-Based Diet

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Shopping, Home - Household Supplies, Food

Goodness Goodies is an online shop whose aim is to make life a little bit sweeter and deliver delights for people with allergies, vegetarians and vegans. We also have a growing range of eco living products.... Read more >

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Food, Communities & Consumers, Plant-Based Diet
P.O. Box 10166
American Canyon, CA 94503
Bay Area Vegetarians is a San Francisco Bay Area wide organization for vegans, vegetarians, vegan-inclined and interested people to find community and support for vegetarianism with like-minded folks. Our goal is to support and encourage t... Read more >

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Agriculture, Nonprofits, Environment
Encino, CA
Plant Power Task Force (PPTF) is a joint initiative of the Avatar Alliance Foundation and the Craig & Susan McCaw Foundation to raise awareness on the impact of animal agriculture on climate change and the environment -- and illuminate p... Read more >


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